professional skills

Here are some of the skills I have acquired over my six years working in creative agencies, reflective of experience and my education.

As Creative Director I was responsible for interpretation and analysis of the client’s will, creating the briefing and transmitting it to the team, defining tasks and deadlines, approving the final art, and presenting it back to the client;

Manager of projects and teams to ensure compliance with the briefing defined by the client, assuring customer satisfaction and brand success;

Designer of Branding/Graphic, global assets for companies, preparing them for every kind of support – print or digital; brand identity creator from draw to vectorial;

Outline of Global Communication Plans for companies, defining the best communication ways;

Manager of Social Media Content – planning where and when to publish, designing the best graphics in order to promote the company/product, and achieving the target audience;

Digital Marketing Managerplanning and setting online ads, developing its graphic supports, in order to impact the audience; management of the ads to improve their efficiency;

Analysis of customer company data, market, and target audience behaviour;

Designer of  User Interfaces (UI) performing usability tests (UX) and preparation of prototypes for the development team;

Development of responsive websites and online shops using WordPress, customizing them using HTML or CSS;

Creator of original multimedia content collecting it by photography or video – indoor or outdoor, editing and preparing it for the final formats;

Social Media Manager
Graphic Designer
Digital Designer
Web designer

2021 – Now

plataforma comunicação marketign agencia guarda braga diretor criativo

Creative Director
Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Digital Marketer
Social Networks Manager

2017 – 2021

ricardo neves desinger icon papelito logo

Graphic Designer
Communication Manager
Editorial Designer

2015 – 2017

Multimedia Designer
Image & Video Editor
Light designer

2012 – Now