Starmodular is a modular home construction company that aims to assert itself in the market as a modernized company and aware of current trends and the preferences of its target audience. The best solution to achieve these goals was branding.

The Platform was responsible for the development of the visual identity. The logo and logo created were deeply inspired by Starmodular’s mission and values, allowing it to achieve the desired position.At the same time, a current, functional and appealing solution for the website was developed, with a WordPress management platform, clearly reflecting the entity’s new reality, as well as all the necessary stationary elements.
The idealized graphic design was also used to decorate the company’s vehicles and to create flags.In terms of communication, a Facebook page was created for the company, and its content marketing was also developed by the Platform.

The development of StarModular’s communication, namely the management of its social networks and the creation of campaigns, remains the task of the Platform.