This project was developed for the Davidoff-Oettinger company in Basel, Switzerland.

Davidoff-Oettinger, a renowned company based in Basel, Switzerland, commissioned us for a special project. Our task was to design captivating graphics for a new product campaign that would evoke the irresistible aroma of their premium cigars, made in the Dominican Republic.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant culture and natural beauty of the Dominican Republic, we chose to feature its breathtaking beaches, sunny climate, and rich traditions in our graphic theme. Through the use of vivid colors and striking imagery, our design aimed to capture the essence of the Caribbean paradise and the irresistible allure of Davidoff-Oettinger’s cigars.

By combining our expertise in graphic design with a deep understanding of the client’s vision, we successfully created a new visual identity that perfectly encapsulated the unique qualities of the product. Our collaboration with Davidoff-Oettinger resulted in a highly effective marketing campaign that captured the attention of cigar enthusiasts worldwide.